“Good morning Miss Pat”

Pat Strong-Brubaker Website Photo

If I describe myself, I would say I am a mother of two wonderful daughters and proud grandmother with four grandchildren. I am passionate about arts and craft – and follow a “do your own thing” approach. Furniture is my media of choice – I like taking pieces of furniture out of garbage and making them beautiful!

My first introduction to the Ronald McDonald House was when I moved to Durham, North Carolina. As a native, Buffalonian, I was looking for opportunities to become involved in the Durham area and get to know my new city. At the time, my Sister in Law was the Executive Director of the Durham Ronald McDonald House and she encouraged me to “get involved and get to know” the Ronald McDonald House.

Well, that was 9 years ago and the beginning of my journey with the Ronald McDonald House. A journey that has followed me back to the Ronald McDonald House in Buffalo, when I relocated back home in 2010. Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House has become a part of my life. I love the House. Meeting the families, their sharing and the bonding they do is an inspiration.

As a volunteer, the kitchen is my responsibility. I stock the pantry, make sure there are plenty of snacks and water, and make sure the counters and microwave are bright and shiny. I also make up lunches for the families when needed – grilled cheese is one of my specialties!

I have always felt that I get more back them I give when I volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. It is so nice to hear the families say how wonderful the house has been for them and how important and supportive the volunteers are. I truly enjoy saying good morning to each and every family member. The children are an inspiration, always managing a smile under the hardest of circumstances. There are some people you meet for a moment but their stories stay with you forever, that is my experience with the families of the Ronald McDonald House.

Being a part of this… lifts me up, it is inspiring.

I can think of no better way to start each day than the smile from a child and aGood morning Miss Pat. It makes me happy!

 – by Pat Strong-Brubaker