The Buffalo Ronald McDonald House Unveils the “Helen Dent Lenahan Family Dining Lounge”

IMG_6744 (3)Buffalo, NY (May, 2015).  A generous donation from The Helen Dent Lenahan Foundation, Inc. made it possible to redesign the current formal dining room and create a more family-friendly space for House residents. The Interior Design Association of Western New York generously donated their time, talent and resources to design the unique space.

IMG_6745To make the space more welcoming, they used muted paint colors, drop lighting, smaller dining tables, comfortable lounge chairs, a large wall-mounted television and a built-in coffee/beverage/ snack station. Now called the “Helen Dent Lenahan family dining lounge”.  It’s a fantastic space where families eat, text, make phone calls, read, watch television or simply catch their breath and enjoy a cup of coffee.