Legacy Volunteers

IMG_6928With a combined tenure of almost 50 years between them, Jim & Joan Rowe are our Legacy Volunteers. Jim, a retired slitter operator from American Brass, has been volunteering at the Buffalo Ronald McDonald House since 1993, his wife Joan, a retired M&T Bank Teller, since 1992.

Jim and Joan were brought up during the depression and they credit that with helping them understand people’s needs and wants.

Jim has taken care of our pull tab collection since day one. His sense of humor has brought smiles to many families over the years. “They call me ‘The Mayor’ because I am always doing something for someone, James Albert Rowe means volunteer, volunteer, volunteer. To me it is a way of life”, says Jim.

Joan agrees and adds,” I needed to do something for someone. In my own mind I believe that people need people and I felt I was social enough to do it. Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House gives me the chance to meet other people I normally would not meet. To do things I normally would not do, the opportunity to cheer people up, entertain the children and just be there for them.

We love it here, the people, the diversity of the guests, learning about other people, it’s fun! The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home. Staying at the Ronald McDonald House gives guests peace-of-mind and freedom of choice. It fills all their needs: provides comfort, someone to talk to when they need it, and someone to cook for them.”

As Jim sums it up, “The Ronald McDonald House fulfills our need to help. It’s about doing things for people and the Ronald McDonald House is a place where everyone gets doing!”