Community Grants Q&A

Q: Can I include the cost for salaries in my grant request?

A:  No. General ongoing administrative costs cannot be included in your request.

Q: I don’t have my organization’s most current tax return yet. Can I send in my last one?

A:  Yes, provided that the latest version arrives in our office no later than 60 days prior to the Board Meeting at which your grant will be reviewed.

Q: My organization doesn’t have its 501(c) (3) letter yet but we have applied for it. Can we still be reviewed?

A:  When you send in your letter of inquiry, please send copies of your application for a 501(c) (3) with it as well.

Q: My organization received a grant from you last year. Can I apply for a new grant?

A:  Yes, but preference may be given to other first-time applicants. However, you cannot apply in the same year during which you already received funding.

Q: Part of my organization’s program serves adults. Would you still fund the costs?

A:  RMHC does not fund programs benefiting adults. If your program is considered for funding, the portion of the program that focuses on the needs of children would be broken out and only that portion would be addressed.

Q: How can RMHC help my group’s project?

A:  RMHC funds specific programs as well as appropriate capital projects that directly improve the health and well being of children in our Western New York communities.

Q: What type of programs might qualify for funding?

A:  Examples include camps for underprivileged children or those suffering from illness/disability, after-school programs, sports programs targeting underserved children and playgrounds (especially those for the disabled).

Q: When could my organization expect funding to arrive?

A:  If your application is approved; funding would arrive within 90 days of the application submission deadline date.

Q: Is funding for my project guaranteed from RMHC if it is for children?

A:  No. Unfortunately, RMHC of Western New York cannot fund all the grant requests it receives.

Q: When do you require application submission?

A:  February 15th and August 15th each year.