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Start Popping Your Tops and Help Our Families!

You can make a difference by saving the aluminum pull tabs from your beverage cans, vegetable and soup cans, pet food, and special diet containers. Pop tabs are recycled and the money purchases household items for the Ronald McDonald House.

This program is a perfect way for families, businesses, schools, service organizations and clubs to help the nearly 600 families that annually stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their child is sick or injured in a Buffalo hospital.

Here is how you can help

  • Download and print Collect Pop Tabs Flyer
  • Save the pull tabs from your beverage cans, vegetable and soup cans, pet food and special diet cans. Collect the pull tabs and save them in a container* at home or work (better yet, get your co-workers to start saving too!)
  • Bring the pull tabs to the Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm [Monday-Friday] or mail the tabs to:
    The Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo, 780 West Ferry Street, Buffalo, NY 14222.

We take the pull tabs to Niagara Metals, our local recycling partner, where the tabs are weighed and we receive a check for the aluminum that’s been recycled. The best part is that Niagara Metals matches the donation value of your pull tabs, so your donation is doubled through the generosity of Niagara Metals!

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*Free, eye catching Ronald McDonald House pull tab collection houses are available from us. These specially designed collection houses are a generous donation from Jamestown Container Companies. Call us at 883-1177 to find out more!

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