Volunteering FAQ


mom and boyQ: Exactly how important are volunteers in supporting the day-to-day operations?

A: The Ronald McDonald House runs on volunteer power! We were founded by volunteers, and volunteers remain the backbone of the House.

Q: How do they impact your guests?

A: Their generosity helps create a warm atmosphere that makes the House such a special sanctuary.Our volunteers offer compassion, laughter and love to these families and allow them to spend about three more hours a day with their ill children.

Q: All that time at the hospital must be very draining on families?

A: They are totally spent and often haven’t even taken the time to eat before returning to the House. Through the Cooks for Kids Program, our volunteers make sure families don’t forget to stay healthy themselves.

Q: In what other specific ways do your volunteers typically help?

A: Anything from driving vans to helping with housekeeping or tending to the garden. And sometimes they just lend a sympathetic ear or shoulder to lean on. Every minute of their time is invaluable.

Q: How much time is donated by the community?

A: 11,000 hours every year.

snuggleQ: What if someone can’t fully commit, but wants to help?

A: Volunteer opportunities are endless and cover a wide range.While some commit to weekly service, others can’t be available on any scheduled basis.

Q: What are some other ways to get involved?

A: Various events like the annual 5K Run/Walk and Young Professionals events are a great place to start.

Q: Who makes a good volunteer?

A: Anyone. We have everyone from retired doctors and detectives to stay-at-home moms and recent college grads.

Q: Do any volunteers standout in your 15 years at the House?

A: No! I am grateful for the support and friendship all the volunteers have given through the years. They truly make the Ronald McDonald House a “home-away-from-home.”