Family Lounge

Offering a place to rest and regroup at the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital


family-lounge-image-1A moment to rest. A moment to think. A moment to just relax. A place to get away from the noise and stress of the hospital, a place to rest, a feeling of home. These things seem impossible to a parent whose child is ill.

Our Family Lounge provides an area of peaceful respite within the hospital where families and caregivers can spend some quiet time, engage in conversation, enjoy a complimentary beverage
and a snack, while remaining steps away from their child’s bedside.  When families walk into our Family Lounge, we want them to forget they’re in a hospital. Located on the Hospitals fifth floor, our Family Lounge will serve as an extension of our Buffalo House by keeping families close within the walls of the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital. A Family Laundry Room will be located across the hall from our Family Lounge.

Our Family Lounge will serve families traveling from both near and far. Families staying at the Buffalo Ronald McDonald House in the evening are able to take a break in our Family Lounge during the day and all families from the local community are welcome and can utilize our Family Lounge as much as needed.  Siblings are welcome to use the room if accompanied by an adult.

Keeping Families Close
Research shows that staying close by allows parents to better communicate with their child’s medical team and improves adherence to complicated treatment plans.

emily1Services for Families
The Family Lounge offers a range of complimentary amenities in a warm, home-like environment away from the beeps of the hospital setting. Snacks, coffee, and tea are available to families. Families will find: