2nd Annual Rock Your Socks Photo Contest

rys-landIt’s here! Will you be our next Winner?

Follow the 6 easy steps below to enter your Rock Your Socks photo into our contest for a chance to win $500!

Don’t forget to download and print the official Rock Your Socks Flyer!



Step 1: Get your socks

Visit http://rmhcwny.org/get-your-socks for details on how to get your socks.


Step 2: Wear your socks

Put your socks on. (You have to be wearing at least ONE… see the official contest rules).


Step 3: Photo your socks

Take pictures of you, your colleagues, your friends and family wearing their socks. Anyone can be in the picture as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.


Step 4: Upload your socks

To enter your photo, check back here on February 14th to upload your favorite picture between February 14 to March 14, 2018. You may submit a maximum of 1 photo. 

The deadline for submissions has ended. Good luck to those who entered and don’t forget to do STEP 5 below and VOTE!


Step 5: Like your socks

Visit us on Facebook and vote for your favorite “Rock Your Socks” pictures in our2nd Annual Rock Your Socks Photo Contest” Gallery.  Voting open through March 23rd.


Step 6: Dare to Wear!

Post your photo entry on your social media pages and dare your friends to wear our socks.  Tag @rmhcwny using the hashtag: #RockYourSocksBuffalo in your post and refer them back to this page for details.  Here’s how it’s done; feel free to copy and paste away (don’t forget to add the name of the person/group you are challenging!):

“I Rocked my Socks for @rmhcwny and I Dare to Wear (the person/group you are challenging) to do the same:  http://rmhcwny.org/rock-your-socks/ #RockYourSocksBuffalo”