The Frost Family

jackfrostWhat could be more devastating than finding out that both of your children have a rare genetic disease called Fanconi anemia. For most of us, the pain and worry would be unimaginable. In 2013, for Sue and Jack Frost, it became their reality, their children Sydney and Jack Jr. are gravely ill.

A crucial part of Sydney and Jack Jr’s treatment included bone marrow transplants in Buffalo, followed with a long stay close to the hospital of at least three months in case an emergency arose. Living in Forestville, New York, a three-month hotel stay for the family was not something affordable.

The Ronald McDonald House in Buffalo was there for the Frost family. “The Ronald McDonald House in Buffalo has been a godsend so many times,” Sue said.

After the transplants complications for Sydney began to unfold and Sydney started to have seizures. It was truly a matter of life and death for Sydney. The Ronald McDonald House’s close proximity to the hospital allowed the Frosts to get Sydney to get back to the hospital when every second counted.

“The outcome could have been completely different if we were at home in Forestville,” said Sue Frost, “She could very well have died.”

The three-month local stay turned into a significantly longer stay. “Sydney had every common side effect and Jack had every rare side effect”, whispers Sue, “The Ronald McDonald House is wonderful. I don’t know what we would have done without it. I just don’t know.”

At the House, Sue and her husband can take a shower, sleep in a comfortable bed, get a home-cooked meal and just take a break from the horrific stress and worry level that comes from knowing and seeing their children, Sydney and Jack Jr., gravely ill.

During those precious moments when one or both of the children are not hospitalized, the Frosts could spend time together in the comfort and security of the Ronald McDonald HOME in Buffalo.

“You just try to get through the day,” Sue said. “You can’t think about the worst. Somebody’s got to stay strong.”