It’s about doing something for someone else


He is a retired Trust & Estate lawyer and she is a retired elementary school Administrative Assistant.  They have been married to each other for 48 years, they have two children (Ed and Meg) and 4 grandchildren (all girls!), they are both cross country cyclists and they are both part of the Tuesday morning Volunteer group at the Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo. Meet John and Amy Spitzmiller, our Tuesday morning “Go-getters”!

“We are avid cyclists. We have cycled from San Francisco to Portsmith, New Hampshire – over 3,800 miles with an average of 88 miles each day. We like to say we are ‘fairly active’!” jokes Amy.

John adds, “Volunteering to us is our chance to give back to the community that has been very good to us with our careers, family and life.

The Ronald McDonald House Charity has always been an interesting charity to us. That, along with the persuasiveness from my cousin, who just happens to be Sally Vincent, the House’s Executive Director, made our decision to join their volunteer team, simple.”
John loves to drive and for the past 4 years can be found transporting families to the area hospitals to be with their ill children.

Amy puts her amazing organizational skills and friendly, welcoming smile to good use at our front desk. “John started first”, says Amy, “We talked about it and always thought that after I retired and was ready to volunteer, I would join John here. So here I am and I have been here for about two years now.

Seeing the courage of the Moms and Dads who are faced with terrible news is both inspiring and heart wrenching. Some of the families are facing so much, their babies are so sick. We are fortunate to have the Buffalo house and the help it gives to the guest families.”

John agrees, “Volunteering at the RMH is about doing something for someone else. Giving is absolutely better than receiving.” Amy adds, “It’s a good feeling to know that we might make someone feel better by just smiling at them. Hopefully that smile will make their day a bit better.”

“The Ronald McDonald House is a terrific charity. Volunteering here makes you feel good to your core. It’s a great feeling.”

John & Amy Spitzmiller